industry Affiliations

Andrew is proud to be a member of the Umpqua Flies Signature Fly Designer team.  Umpqua has been the industry's leading commercial producer and distributor of fishing flies for over 40 years.  More than 20 of Andrew's well known fly patterns are produced to the highest quality standards by Umpqua and are distributed worldwide.  

Feel the Scott Difference!  Scott makes the finest flyrods in the business in Montrose, CO, only minutes away from the Gunnison River.  Andrew's proud to represent Scott Fly Rods as a member of their pro staff.  Andrew is actively involved with Scott's testing and development, especially with their spey lineup.  Andrew only fished Scotts before becoming affiliated with the brand, and it's all he'll ever fish.  Knowing who runs the company and what it stands for is as important as the superior products that they produce.  Being a part of a smaller fishing-focused brand has always been more important to Andrew.  Scott is a global player in the fly rod game, but retains the small, down to earth feel.

Watch this short video to see what sets Scott apart from most other fly rod brands.  

The choice of professional guides worldwide.  Makers of the best waders, period!  Andrew was a member of the Simms Guide Ambassador program since its inception in 2008, until retiring from guiding in 2014.  Andrew only wears Simms waders because there is no equal in the industry.  When the quality of your day is determined by staying warm and dry there's no need to question your gear if you're in Simms waders.  

Many of you know Andrew's wife, Autumn.  If you happen to be in Bozeman, Montana and have a few hours to spare consider getting an an acupuncture treatment from Autumn.  She can be contacted via her website,!